Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker Bot! 99% Win Rate! FULL DOWNLOAD!

 Total downloads: 21.372.513

Zynga Poker Bot (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, etc)
Zynga Poker Bot is a program written in AutoIT which attempts to fully automate the process of playing texas holdem poker on Zynga (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, etc).

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NEW Works on the Zynga Games Network (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, etc).
✔ 100% automated, joins tables, closes popups, reloads when stuck.
NEW Full SourceCode available to download.
✔ Works in any size table with any bankroll.
✔ Plays selected pre-flop hands, and then calculates odds to make decisions.
✔ Allows custom PlayerProfiles.
✔ Table hop if too few opponents.
✔ Table hop if the blinds are too big or too small.
✔ Allows custom user image.
✔ Detects number of opponents.
✔ Run multiple Background Bots.

How To Setup and Run the Zynga Poker Bot
The Zynga Poker Bot has been built and tested using the following components:

operating system: Windows XP
color depth: 32bit
web browser: Mozilla FireFox
zynga poker app: FaceBook Poker
The bot may work with similar components but for simplicity when starting out please use these.

How To Run Zynga Poker Bot
1 - login to facebook or myspace
2 - start zynga poker
3 - run bot.exe
4 - Hot Keys
CTRL+ALT+X - Exit CTRL+ALT+P - Pause

Other Components

The bot is lightly tested with the following components and users have had various levels of success:

windows vista - ensure there is full write permission to /cache and /log
chrome and internet explorer - ensure you set the correct path and title in settings.ini

 Total downloads: 21.372.513